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Small Business Technology


Remote Tech Support - PC or Mobile

Tech Coaching 

Purchasing Advice ​

Installs - Software/Hardware/Devices

PC Upgrades and Repairs

Virus/Spyware Removal ​

Cable TV *Cord Cutting* Assist

*Photoshop* Images ​





Remote Support

eScoop has you securely covered at your location...

Whatever you're *driving* ... Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

No need to drag your equipment into *The Shop*.

No need *to be present to win*

With your permission your maintenance can happen while you're away.

No stranger in your house.









Feel like you're Stuck ?

-Wasteland of Bad Support Options? ​

Hardware or Software ... Contact eScoop!

Help to get IT up and running!

Installs - Software/Hardware ​

PC Upgrades & Repairs ​ Virus/Spyware Removal








Purchasing Advice

Oceans of options all starting to look alike? ​


Android or iPhone?

PC? Mac? Chromebook?


Desktop, Laptop, All-In-One, Tablet or Convertible?

Take the stress out of your decisions.

eScoop  -  Can Help You!






Steve Cooper

I'm that guy. ​

I'm the guy that you go to at work.

I'm the guy who can help you fix your problem, find the work around, or just help you do it better. ​ ​

 I've been helping consumers and small businesses get their work done for almost two decades.    ​

I was a *user* way before I was a *tech support dude*.

As a user first, I know you need to...

...Have your issues *heard*

 ...Have issues fixed quickly and efficiently

...Get explanations in plain language    ​

I don't believe in Tech Guru's.

I'm sure that you would rather I...

...Show you how to help yourself

...Help you find a way to get your work done more efficiently.


Let's Work Together Today!



For any inquiries, please contact...  

R. Steven Cooper  

| TN:  901-352-4047  |  MS: 662-842-0900   

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